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using spreadsheets in Linux


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I bought Built Strong Maximum BTS4 and BTS6 by Fabio Zonin. It's great but the spreadsheets are for Excel. I use Linux so that was a problem. There's an easy fix though. Do the following:

1) install LibreOffice
2) start Calc and click on "Tools" and go to "Options..."
3) click on "Security" and then click on the "Macro Security..." button
4) on the "Security Level" tab set it to "Low (not recommended"

and then the spreadsheets will work.

It seems that you can't use the spreadsheets with Gnumeric. :(
Have you tried Open Office? My Linux days are more or less behind me but I remember it being more user friendly and intuitive when transitioning from Microsoft Office.
What distro are you using that didn't come with LibreOffice as standard software?

The threat posed by Macros is somewhat overblown, but you aren't going to forget that you did this and start opening random .docs and the like from the internet with LibreOffice? Right?
I'm using a Ubuntu derivative (Tuxedo OS) and that comes with LibreOffice. Isn't the only difference between OpenOffice and LibreOffice is you pay for support with OpenOffice.
Maybe I am seriously out of touch, but Mint and Debian Stable both have LibreOffice as the standard Office suite. I kind of assumed that Ubuntu would too because that is the point in the middle.
I had open office on my Ubuntu distros
They switched away from that as default back when the OO and LO split happened over some "schmuckery" with Oracle. LibreOffice is basically what Open Office would have been if Oracle didn't alienate their devs.

What really got me in this thread was somebody using gnumeric... I haven't heard that software in a looong time.
LibreOffice has the better support for MS documents xml format over Open Office.
That said, one can also use a web browser these days with the various online services. To wit, using Google drive/docs is a great alternative these days.

Macros really shouldn't be used unless there's some serious need. Better to just use formulas etc, especially if cross platform is a desired requirement.
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