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"My DNA structure is such that my bacon receptor gene is permanently on".-alistair, that is the best quote on this thread!
The beauty of the bacon is that it is both low carb and gluten free.
And the ugly is all the chemicals and drugs, hormones, nitrates, and saturated fat. It certainly does have a compelling flavor though.
His diet is vegan, whole foods from plants, emphasis on Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds (G-BOMBS)
Nathaniel Jordan
Published on Jun 14, 2015
I woke up today at just 162.8 pounds. After eating a pound of salad, some bean brownies, and two bowls of fresh fruit for breakfast, I went to gym to do my last hard session before my first power-lifting meet, June 20th, 2015. I squatted 330 pounds 6 times, I bench pressed 225 pounds 2 times, and I dead-lifted 475 pounds 3 times without wearing a belt. My goal is to show people the power of the Nutritarian diet-style, as taught by my teacher, the great Medical Doctor Joel Fuhrman. What this diet and life-style has done to my body is what conventional wisdom teaches to be IMPOSSIBLE in our time: Being as LEAN and RIPPED as a competition body-builder YEAR-AROUND (I’m only 4% body-fat), while still being incredibly strong. I take no protein supplements, stimulants, or drugs and I only eat 2 times day; I wear a belt and wrist wraps when I squat and bench press, but nothing when I dead-lift. The Nutritarian diet provides me with all the protein, calories, AND MUCH MORE to continuously gain strength at my small size, while ensuring long term health. I do take a multi-vitamin/mineral, and immune support, and DHA/EPA supplements designed specifically for Nutritarians by Dr. Fuhrman, to insure no deficiencies exists. For much more in dept details on how you can stay ripped and be strong and healthy for LIFE without dangerous dieting and/or cancer causing extreme high protein intake, please go to or contact me via I have only been full-time powerlifting 9 months, so June 20th is only the very beginning.
Closed Thread. (Continue Discussion of This Topic by Starting a New Thread.)
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