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hi to all fellow members.
Wanted to ask if any of you had experience what to do after Fabio's Hit the target diet plan. I went around 12kg down in two months (from 91kg to 79kg) combining this kind of nutrition with 6 days a week training regime (3x running + 3x rite of passage).

I have lost 13cm in waist (from 91 to 78) and now, one month after I finished it I'm in some kind of maintenance mode or better to say Limbo where I need to lose some additional fat to be fully satisfied.

Today I have 79kg on 177cm height and still I have some spare skin :) after the diet and need to lose a little bit of fat but not really sure if I should continue with hit the target plan or do something else. I think if I lose any more weight it would be too much.

As for training I'm doing 3x running and preparing myself to kettlebell press 1x half of my bodyweight (40kg kb) in next 7 weeks (I can press 32kg easy), so please help any advice is more than welcome

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@Saša, I will be sending you a PM. Please look for that, and we'll continue the conversation there.

Thank you very much.



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thank you for the reply much appreciated, long story short i decided to modify this kind of plan by increasing a little bit of carbs to have more energy (up to 100gr per day) and to keep proteins at around 200gr per day. Total calorie intake is between 2000-2500kcal and we will see what will happen in few months keeping the same training regime
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