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Bro Mo

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What do you folks like to do outside the gym? I like to go on adventures of all kinds with my wife and kids. Other than that, I don't really have any hobbies. I do go hunting a few times a year though.


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@Bro Mo Reading, movies, live music, baseball, documentaries, coffee talk, hiking and bouldering
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I'm huge into baseball. Played a little in University (NAIA) in Canada, still play senior ball every summer, and coach our province wide all star team. I do different age group (15,16 or 17) every year, its an absolute blast.

Othewise, I love reading, whether its self development (I hate that term), exercise or leadership type stuff. General interest in war, ancient greek/roman warfare or classics on war/strategy like Sun Tzu or Machiavelli. I have started reading more and more philosophical work and in the last 6 months to 1 year have really come to appreciate works on Stoicism and am reading as much as I can get my hands on right now. I find it such practical wisdom and thoughtful thinking based, and has made a big impact on me.

This past January I began training in martial arts, with the intention of trying 2-3 styles and picking my favourite to stick with. Always liked it but never did it as a kid so wanted to give it a shot. Did shotokan karate, found it enjoyable, beneficial and had a great sensei full of wisdom and discipline and a great teacher, but it was just missing something for me. Took the summer to play ball, tried a muay thai class or two and found it really enjoyable as well, but then I tried Brazilian jiu jitsu and I can say 100% after one month of doing it it is by far my favourite discipline. My sensei is fantastic, very technical based, its a small school with small class sizes and the other members are great guys, all respectful and helpful and willing to work with beginners. Definitely will be sticking with this one for a long time.

So with ball season over, my days are get up, read, work, weights on lunch breaks unless its jiu jitsu day, get home, eat, read, jiu jitsu or watch playoff baseball. Doing an online course as a GPA upgrade in prep to apply for my masters in a couple months. Luckily my girlfriend supports all my hobbies and continues to keep me around


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All the 'stuff' I do with kettlebell's, bodyweight, and running and such is what I do to support the other stuff: rock climbing, bouldering, Alpinism, adventure/obstacle course racing. Not really hobbies... More like lifestyle choices. Not much time left for hobbies... Coffee, listening to music maybe


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Big into offroad motorcycle riding. The harder and more technical terrain the better... Also got into "whiskey" this year. Started a whiskey club and have enjoyed tasting many new whiskies.


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Snowboarding, beaches, camping (preferably on a beach), craft beer, eating, exploring new areas


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Reading. Trying to pick this long-lost habit (work, computers, smart phones...) back up. Reading fiction for a change as opposed to non-fiction.


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Also got into "whiskey" this year. Started a whiskey club and have enjoyed tasting many new whiskies.
That's awesome. I would love to join a scotch club, I love trying new brands. Its so unfortunate that I picked the most expensive alcohol as my favourite (after wine of course)


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I am into outdoor sports/lifestyle, ww kayaking, mountain biking, ice climbing, mountaineering/alpinism

Mach Won

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Reading, continuing education through online classes, math, getting frustrated with NC State athletics.

Ivan Merl

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Coffee, Research (all areas of life), medieval combat, medieval hunting, archery, skiing (x-country and alpine),trail running, woodcraft/bushcraft, and looking for a new job is about to be my next big hobby.


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Reading on fitness and health, music, running, kettle bells ;)
Though some of it has been put on the back ground because of two beautiful kids


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There's precious little free time, but I like playing and listening to music, playing computer games and cooking. I also enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage. I used to read a lot, but just stopped it some years ago.


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Currently: Reading, computer games, writing (starting a new novel for NaNoWriMo), hiking, spoiling my granddaughter
In abeyance (but will probably pick up soonish now that I'm getting healthy again): martial arts (have done TKD, taiji, aikido, krav maga, and medieval combat in the past, not sure what I'll do next), climbing

Harry Westgate

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Besides calisthenics and kettlebells... Full-time psychology student, boxing, part-time waiter, and voluntary work for Victims First (a local organisation that assists victims of crime).
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