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Discussion in 'Strong Food Logs' started by Ryan T, May 1, 2018.

  1. Ryan T

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    Thought it might be fun to post what we ate yesterday (or daily or whatever...) and how we felt. How was your enegy, sense of wellbeing, stress, workout? Feel free to keep this thread going if it's fun or worthwhile. @Steve Freides if it would be better to characterize this thread differently or needs to be different, please let me know.

    • Fasted until 5 PM (about 20 hours).
    • Drank a cup of bone broth with 2 tbs apple cider vinegar
    • Two bowls of chicken tikka masala (about 6-8 oz of chicken) with a couple servings of brown rice.
    • Kind Bar
    • a small handful of M&Ms
    • Small brownie made by wifey :)
    Subjective: Felt good all day, no hunger. No training yesterday. Felt bloated and a little too full after supper. I think if I wanted the brownie, I should have not eaten the Kind Bar, M&Ms and peanuts. In my defense, I didn't know we were having brownies ;-)

    Have fun and GO!
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  2. Steve Freides

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    One year, on the old forum, we did a February Food Log. Each person had their own thread, much like a training log. I think I tried it here once but there didn't seem to be much interest. I picked February because it's the shortest month but we could certainly try this for May if you like, since today is May 1.

  3. Ryan T

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    @Steve Freides Thanks. Might be fun. Could we do something like that? What would be the best way to go about it?

  4. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    There is an option to Prefix any new thread here with Food Log, a prefix I created just for that purpose. You could start a new thread, suggest people use the Prefix, and be off to the proverbial races.

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  5. Chrisdavisjr

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    I'll log my food for today just for kicks:
    • Breakfast: Coffee w/ unsweetened soya milk
    • KB training (100 swings, 10 get-ups; sound familiar?)
    • Second Breakfast: Wholegrain toast with wholenut peanut butter (unsalted, unsweetened,) and banana
    • Coffee, w/ unsweetened soya milk
    • Early afternoon snack: Slice of vegan coffee cake, coffee, w/ unsweetened soya milk (a pattern is emerging...)
    • Lunch: Sandwich (Wholegrain bread [unbuttered] with hummus, cucumber, tomato and grated carrot)
    • Snack: Raw peanut bar (dates, peanuts, pinch of sea salt)
    • Dinner: Huge vegetable curry w/ courgette*, broccoli, carrot, potato, cauliflower, tofu, rice
    The day is not over yet but there's no way I'm eating anything else after that massive curry. Normally, I would have eaten half as much, put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow and maybe had a snack later on but I just ate the whole thing and now feel like I'm about to burst. I'm trying to bulk up a little so I'm not really counting calories, just keeping an eye on the type of foods I'm eating. I feel like I could stand to eat a bit more fresh fruit though.

    *or zucchini, if you prefer
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  6. Ryan T

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    @Chrisdavisjr Thanks for sharing this! I get the drift that you might prefer plant-based nutrition. I'd be really interested to see what you eat on a regular basis if you wanted to start a food log. It all sounds really good to me. Personally, I'm an omnivore, but I'm always interested in trying different ways to fuel my body and enjoy food.
  7. Chrisdavisjr

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    @Ryan T I did keep a two week food log a while back but I don't think I took it very seriously so it'd be well worth me giving it another try. I'm always looking for small, sustainable changes I can make to my diet to improve the quality of fuel I put in my body and keeping a log is a great way of building up an idea of what works and what doesn't. It also keeps you on the straight and narrow; I tend to eat less biscuits (cookies) and other junk if I know I'm going to have to write it down in my log.
  8. NoahJones

    NoahJones Second Post

    Some bananas, chees, and tomatos^^
  9. needsomegrip

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    Hi all,

    A couple months in to kettlebell training and trying to become more involved in the SF community as there is a wealth of knowledge I'd like to soak up. I'm a bit of a food obsessed person so this seems like a good place to start contributing.

    Thursday I indulged a but and had a bag of Lay's Sour Cream and the Onion chips and a piece of birthday cake but yesterday I stick to my planned meals.

    • Lunch: 1 leftover thinly sliced pork chop on top of small amount of spicy kale w/ tomatoes over sweet potato and rice. Side of about 8oz of plain Greek yogurt w/ chia seeds and blueberries
    • After work snack: small amount of carrots and homemade peanut butter and chocolate Rx Bar (been experiment with these bar recipes recently)
    • Dinner: pork sausage link with red sauce, peppers and onions over sweet potato.
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