What type of activity makes the most use of the glycolytic system?


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CNS Burnout from Kettlebells -- I have always struggled with CNS burnout from Kettlebells.  I tried various methods like reducing the sets, reducing reps to five or less, using lighter bell, or adding more rest days etc. I would essentially do 10x10 swings with various bell sizes up to 44kg in about 10 minutes total.  After reading through this thread, I changed my rest interval to five minutes between sets for the last week and kept all other variables the same.  Now my CNS can keep up with the demands without being fried.

The result has been zero CNS burnout.  I suspect I could probably drop down to 3 minutes, but my goal is not to be a kettlebell god so I will keep it to 5 minutes.  I also believe everyone has their own absolute minimum time interval between sets that would not overly stress the CNS system whether it be 90 seconds or 5 minutes.   I also no longer believe that I should be using the kettlebell as an aerobic/carido exercise.

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Very interesting post, and thank you for sharing.  If you wouldn't mind answering a few questions at your convenience:

What is your training history?  How old are you?  Any other stressors in your life?  What is your job?  What exactly have you been doing with KBs?  Always fried your CNS, or is this more recent?  What other activities besides KB training do you currently participate in?

It's a logical conclusion, but I'm wondering if it's based on premises different from my own conception of programming.  In other words, are (were) you using the KB for what would essentially be high-intensity training?  I would then expect burnout.
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