Where do you hinge in the Hardstyle sitback?

Jason B.

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Hey guys, quick question here. Where do you guys hinge for the Hardstyle sitback?

The reason I'm asking thing is because I was thinking about the fact that the entire point of activating the posterior chain is to disengage the hip flexors / psoas / whatever from the movement, isolating the abdomen. I started doing the sitbacks by consciously firing only the abdomen and trying to disengage the hip flexors. Immediately, I started hinging much higher, leaving my pelvis immobilized in posterior pelvic tilt.

In addition to working the abdomen in a way I've never felt on this exercise before, I cranked out 5 full-ROM reps. When I hinge at the hip crease, I'm doing singles of a partial ROM.

This feels better, because it feels like my abs are working more than they usually are, but when an exercise gets easier, it's usually because I'm doing it wrong.

Thanks in advance.
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