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Hello there, all of you strong gentlemen and ladies,

I'm afraid the following is a long post.
My current level and corresponding questions are given below.
Push- 1 OAOLP per side. What kind of program( except GTG; work and college take up 9+ hours a day) would be best for multiple reps? You need not explain if you don't feel like it, you can just mention the name of the program and I'd google it.
Pull- Close grip ledge pullups-4 reps. What is a good way to progress to one arm pullups on a ledge? The options for adding weight are nil for now.
Squat- 3 hands behind back pistols with 5s hold at bottom. What would be the next step?
Abs- 4 reps of angled hardstyle HLR( hardstyle breathing throughout the set). Next progression?
Finally, what can I do to strengthen my ankles?
Thank you for bearing with me, and thanks in advance for any advice.


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Couple quick thoughts:

Push- Even if you can't GTG you're probably best off with daily practice. I'd do a couple OA/OLP singles, and then a slightly higher volume of either OAP, or elevated OA/OLP.

Pull- Could use either Archer Pull Ups or do finger assisted one arm pull ups. Depending on the size of the ledge either of those should work. That said, if you can only do 4 close grip reps you would likely be better off increasing those numbers.

Squat- Once again, at 3 reps you're not really ready for a next step. However, the only real next step that I know of is adding weight.

As for programming, I'd probably just do a short circuit of the exercises  5 sessions a week keeping the total reps around 10 for each exercise.

As for ankle strengthening, can't help you there.

Luke Luko

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Great tips from Andy, so now my few thoughts.

1. One-Arm Pushups - you don't need GTG for it. I observe that this kind of push work excellent with Easy Strength template. Just 2-3 times a week, with total 10-15 reps. With weights is easier, because you can add or remove the weight, but with bodyweight is not that hard also. You need to have some creativity. For example if you choose 5,3,2 ladders. 5 - OAP with finger assisted of other hand. 3 - strict OAP or little elevation, 2 - OAOLP. Just suggestion, experiment and have fun with this. Some izoholds and deadstops will work also great here. Focus on turning the body in to clenched fist, and find tension leakages. You can also mix it with some Spider or Leopard crawl. Crawl for some distance then do few OAP. I really like this mix.

2. Pistols. 3 reps is not a lot, try to get maybe some other goal, 5x5 with the most elegant and beatiful form as you can. Adding weight is another option. Maybe some walking pistols, smooth leg changing in bottom position, overhead stick pistols. Just play around with that, sky is the limit.

3.Leg Raises. Just 4 reps? Try to get more solid reps, and on the other side try to work on some front lever progressions or just try do some flows. Angled raise back to few seconds hold of l-seat then go to some tucked front lever progression and feel the pain in the abs ;]

You have sandbag, i know so one-leg deadlift is number one for ankles!

Cheers :)
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