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Hi from WA, and Merry Christmas, one day late, was away.
Yes, I sent my certificate and I am not in the Australian StrongFirst instructors map, wonder who is Strongfirst now, and who want to follow StrongFirst, HKC, RKC certified.
This is only to know if we are enough to have a workshop soon in Australia.
We are all free, nothing wrong to follow any kettlebell school, 3 in Australia
now, AKKI, DD, StrongFirst.
All good I guess, but not the same style.
Enough place in this country for 3 schools of Strength.
Hi Christine,

I just received your e-mail also, regarding your certificate that you had mailed to the address in Reno. It is better to e-mail a photo to me - but we will get it figured out for you.

Merry Christmas! (It is still early afternoon here) :]

There are 2 SFG here in Brisbane, and I intend to certify as well. There is another woman I train with who will likely certify when I do. I'm going to be helping my SFG trainer with a push this next year to get #'s. I definitely will be working hard to get a cert here in Oz, but if I have to go to US, I suppose I will. I'm from there, but would rather cert. here with others from here if at all possible. If we get a target # of attendees I know Al and I will push hard to contribute as many people as possible. I would think between 2 or 3 cities here we should be able to get a respectable class.

Nikki, for what its worth, I have a large home here in Brissy with a couple spare rooms for friends and family when they visit. I'd of course like to have at least a couple chats with whomever would come teach, but am open to the possibility of having them as our guest to save $. We have terrific access to the city and its transportation, etc. Just some food for thought.

David, we all miss you in Australia, same as Shaun Cairns. I attend all your workshop and had the incredible luck to have a PT session with you in Melbourne. I learn a lot just in one hour, an again a lot the following day. I how my RKC certification to You and Shaun Cairns.
Yes, a huge gap, between a Team Leader and a Senior or Master.
I was like a kid, happy of course but annoyed to be a beginner, but you were with Shaun, always very humble and friendly, and patient.
Hope to see you very soon in Western Australia, and you will be surprised, this state is a thru paradise, lived all my life in Pacific Island, so I need sun.
I also like Brisbane, the gold coast and Sydney.
Look forward to met soon everybody on the east coast, with StrongFirst now, it's look like that we have all the same goal. A SF community based on training hard, helping and sharing whatever we have in good.
All this recents post from Australia are very motivated.
I also have a quite big house by the sea, 5 minutes from the Indian Ocean, a good spot, and plenty of space.
So, every StrongFirst very welcome !!!
Hi Christine. I'm one of 2 (or possibly 3) SFG's based in Brisbane . Would love to see an SFG Certification hit our shores. Mr Whitley would be honoured to have you and Mandy in Australia again. I'd be keen to pursue this opportunity here.

Thanks for your post Alan and hope to met you in 2013.
Happy new year
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