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Good post! I'm debating on getting Rogue house line (non Kilo) or Perform Better. I do use them upstairs in my living room from time to time and am careful. The rubber bottom would be nice. At the same time I use them outside and my backyard is a bit swampy.

Just to throw in my .02 on other brands. I have 2 cap bells.  I was on the fence if I would like working out with KB's so I bought these. They were my first two and of my cast bells they still look the way they did day 1! I've clanged them together, used them outside, and dropped them in my basement (floor is carpeted). I'm impressed with how well these have held up. What I dislike, the finish doesn't hold chalk and gets slippery when you sweat bad.

Down the road I ordered some Aders from Rogue. The Ader feels great. Flat base, good smooth handle. What I don't like is the finish. I've only used this in my house and my basement is carpeted. The bottom paint is already flaking off, and you could tell the paint wasn't finished curing when they put bubble wrap around it. Granted this does not effect the ability of using the bell I'm just OCD.

I bought Rage cast iron for a gift when I ordered some Comp bells. What a piece of junk... Poor casting and the finish is crappy. The handle even had a good size nick taken out of it.

Rage Comp bells. Not a bad bang for the buck when you look at VF KB's. I found out quickly I prefer the cast iron bells. Just preference so I'll be putting mine on craigslist here shortly.


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Hey guys.  Quick update.  Rogue sent me a new bells, and it's MUCH better.  The handle is perfectly round and smooth.  No powder coat boogers or really casting marks.  I'd post pics of the two if I had them online, but the new bell Rogue sent is as nice as I could want.
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