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good afternoon my strong friends!

I’m not sure if any of you have heard of “WODwax” but it’s a grip improvement product that has done wonders for me especially because I sweat a lot. Just wanted to throw this out there for everyone so they’re aware of it. You rub it on your pull-up bar and you’re good to go. No chalk needed and is especially helpful if you sweat a lot.

Www.wodwax.com (wfs)

It was originally designed by/for CrossFit athletes but anyone can benefit from this. I am in no way/shape/form associated with this company. I simply wanted to share this with the masses.



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Removal of this stuff is actually fairly easy, you just get a hard plastic card (credit card, etc) and scrape it off. I can see this wouldn’t be the best for those training in a commercial gym, but home gym? Absolutely


Steve Freides

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My home gym is used by everyone in the family, so I'm thinking it's not a good thing here, but if you have gym equipment to yourself, it sounds good.

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