Working out Vs Practice


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I re-read KB strong 2 weeks ago and watched the videos again. Similar to S/S I found I took something from it that I "listened to before but never heard."
Pavel covers it in S/S and it's the difference between practice and working out. I used to put this down to semantics but in KB strong GN mentions taking a day and playing around with the lifts and having fun..
My work life balance is busy and I always seems to looking to get in and get out. It's easy to get side tracked into chasing the next benchmark.
I've been using one day a week to pratice my double kettlebell lifts focusing on technique. This change in mindset is more than just semantics. It's actually enjoyable just to get in and practice. This coupled with some basic qigong is terrific.


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I like to think that both working out and practising are things that are measurable. Working out is measured by the work done. Practice is measured by progress.

I've found I enjoy lifting a lot and can do it fast so I have typically little problems getting my practice done. But I do like to take a day a week for some exercise that I don't take as seriously.
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