Would mylar provide adequate insulation for an infrared sauna located outdoors?


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I'm planning to purchase a portable indoor infrared sauna to be located outdoors under my deck. Although ambient temperatures in the SF Bay Area are fairly mild, I am concerned that it might take quite awhile for the sauna to reach an optimum temperature of 130 deg F while using it during the winter months without adding some type of insulation. I've considered wrapping the exterior walls of the sauna with mylar space blankets and the roof with styrofoam or fiberglass insulation. Since the deck above the sauna is watertight, there is no concern of moisture coming in contact with the roof insulation. Would appreciate any feedback as to whether mylar would provide adequate insulation!


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It works in my house, which is for the most part heated with a woodstove. Morning temps are frequently down to low 50s when its single digests outside. Although I throw cheap harbor freight moving blankets over the mylar.

Remember it's the near or far infrared light that is heating you not the air. The air gets heated by the objects, you, as they give off heat. The blankets do help retain ambient air temperatures though.
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