Xmas reading list


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Books on the menu for the next 2 weeks over the festive period
  • Dave Draper your body revival
  • Jiu Jitsu university
  • Re read O 2 advantage and Ss 2.0
Any maybe squeeze in lord of the flies
Anyone else got a reading list sorted for the holidays?


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Jiu jitsu university was a great help to me when I was taking bjj - admittedly, my dojo did not really have any structure when teaching beginners. I left after 9 months and unfortunately haven't been able to go back yet due to other endeavors. Irrelevant story aside, you'll find that the book is well structured. I love the fact that section 1 focuses on escapes, because as the author says, that's what you'll be doing as a white belt for 99% of the time.

I actually have nothing specific coming up, but I also don't have holidays so that's ok!


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Currently, I am reading a collection of Peter Singers essays on Kindle. "Homo Deus" is also on the reading list, as well as a good handful of old Conan comics! ✌
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