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Inspired by Steve's threads I thought I'd ask how you warm up when you're short on time. Recently I've been really busy, and had some success with just armbars and a slow 24kg tgu on each side, pausing to breath at each step.


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My warm-up is usually some variation of:

3 rounds

10-15 push-ups

10 bodyweight squats

10 crunches or toes to bar

But sometimes it's just 20 single-handed swings per arm.

Pavel Macek

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- Original Strength Resets, 5-10 minutes, or

- Super-Joints, 10 minutes, or (most of the time)

- no warmup, just few easier sets (lighter weight, few reps). I always joke that my warmup takes approximately zero seconds. Not exactly, just approximately. Side note: GTG method is a very good teacher of now warmup.

Of course I do my morning recharge (joint-mobility routine + Fast & Loose dynamic stretching) daily, every single morning, and stretch 3 times a week, usually on variety days, or after the lifting, or as the last practice of the day.

Luckily, I have plenty of time, move a lot, and listen to my body very carefully.

Steve Freides

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Sometimes nothing, sometimes kettlebell swings of moderate weight and volume, sometimes Cossack stretches or other SuperJoints-inspired movements, and sometimes just standing still and breathing for a minute or two.



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I do the following dynamic stretching before the work out.

Then warm up exercises that is part of the current training program (e.g. Halo, Goblet Squat etc. when I do S&S; warm up push ups and pull ups etc. for CC).

Main exercise. E.g. S&S or CC.

And a static stretching to end it.

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