Zercher DL


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5 foot 8 inches, 165 pounds.  Just tried zercher squat for the first time for fun, got 3x5x135, it was hard but I can definitely up the weight... What are some respectable numbers I can aim for and keep in mind?

Also, I finally got around to trying the zercher DL, 2x135, I'm not sure it felt good and not sure when I'll do that one again.

Steve Freides

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Daniel, here's a thread from not too long ago about the Zercher DL.



For some reason, my YouTube links aren't showing up for me, so here they are separately


http://www.youtube.com/embed/2O2xym5GI_w - this one is me doing 175 and 200 lbs.


Hope that's helpful to you.  Please feel free to post a video of yourself doing this if you want some feedback on your form.



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Steve, I've known of the zercher squat for a while, but it was your thread that went a long ways to inspiring me to try the zercher dl!
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