Zercher what is some good numbers?


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Like the title says. What is some good numbers for the zercher?

(I had a alcohol related incident and these are all i can do for the next few months.)

Steve B.

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Yes it depends what type of zercher you do. True zercher ala Ed Zercher from the floor,to the quads,hook arms under stand up,then reverse this movement,Zercher squats off of hooks in a squat rack,hook arms under the bar,stand up straight,squat x number reps,rerack and my favorite starting from the pins on a power rack,get into the bottom position hooking the arms under and stand up,back down and repeat.You need to be more specific but it will vary from person to person unless your talking an absolute max then you may look to what some strongmen competitors do in their training.


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Sorry I meant Zercher Squat.
I usually just unrack the weight from navel-height.
Walk a few steps forward then squat.


I did a 3x (bar touching knees-depth) with 115kg, then 3set x5 rep with 100 and wondered what a good weight would be.

BW 70kg. Compared to DL that's rougly 60% of max. So after this "training"i wondered what some good numbers would be.

Steve Freides

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Joel, the number I heard from Pavel is 50% of deadlift 1RM, so you're doing great.  Post a video of you can, and tell us your DL and SQ max numbers, too, please.



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I'd say it very much depends on leverages, but definitely go with whatever Pavel indicated to start ^

I've done zerchers off pins from just above parallel with 300lb, and just below parallel with 245lb. I weighed a hair under 145 at the time, my best deadlift was 345 and my best paused atg squat was 235.

I have no idea what I could do now....



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Steve, I was referring to the 50% of DL 1RM as a good working weight for the ZSQ, not the max.
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