Hard living types, START HERE

Hard living types--start here


This is all you need:

  1. Kettlebell Simple & Sinister book—the ultimate minimalist physical training program

  2. Psych—“the” sport psychology manual by a world champion in a sport for which he had zero genetic predisposition (100% psycho-babble free)

  3. SECOND WIND express online course—breathing techniques for superior performance and calm under pressure from the arsenal of Russian athletes and special operators

For the last 38 years, I served in the United States Marine Corps as a Force Reconnaissance Marine and Marine Corps Special Operator. My job was fairly simple: hunt down and eliminate the enemies of our great nation. I spent over half of my career overseas; had 66 months in combat; 88 months in Command; and went right to the last day, commanding a Joint Special Operations Task Force in Northwest Africa.

A big part of that lifestyle is the ability to have a functional and direct fitness regimen that you can follow anywhere—whether on a base, a ship, a jungle, a mountain pass, or a combat zone. Like most in my profession, I have been open to trying anything that works. For me, since I met him in 2000, the answer has always been simple: Pavel Tsatsouline will put it in the most concise and practical terms. His latest book KETTLEBELL SIMPLE & SINISTER is his best to-date for men like me. Stripping away any fluff, he gives a no-nonsense, high-value program that brings outstanding results. I have known him for years; had him train all of my Force Reconnaissance Marines when I had Battalion command; and trust him implicitly. But as I poured over the pages of this new manual, I am constantly reminded of this incredibly capable man’s work ethic, ability to produce results, and genuine passion for giving the professional what he wants and needs to maintain high-end levels of performance…

What would I tell members of my Special Operation Brotherhood? What I have told them for years: buy this, do it and just grind it out and it will keep you alive. What would I tell anyone who wants to get fit, resilient, and better prepared for life’s challenges? Invest in this book, do the program, and experience a glimpse of what hard work and focused application can do for you.

Semper Fidelis and STRONGFIRST! —George H. Bristol, Colonel, USMC (retired)
Simple & Sinister revised and updated 2019, by Pavel Tsatouline


Most of the resources for athletes and coaches are right down your alley.

Hard living types, dig deep, fireman as example