Hard living types, START HERE

Hard living types--start here


This is all you need:

  1. Kettlebell Simple & Sinister book—the ultimate minimalist physical training program

  2. Psych—“the” sport psychology manual by a world champion in a sport for which he had zero genetic predisposition (100% psycho-babble free)

  3. SECOND WIND express online course—breathing techniques for superior performance and calm under pressure from the arsenal of Russian athletes and special operators

For the last 38 years, I served in the United States Marine Corps as a Force Reconnaissance Marine and Marine Corps Special Operator. My job was fairly simple: hunt down and eliminate the enemies of our great nation. I spent over half of my career overseas; had 66 months in combat; 88 months in Command; and went right to the last day, commanding a Joint Special Operations Task Force in Northwest Africa.

A big part of that lifestyle is the ability to have a functional and direct fitness regimen that you can follow anywhere—whether on a base, a ship, a jungle, a mountain pass, or a combat zone. Like most in my profession, I have been open to trying anything that works. For me, since I met him in 2000, the answer has always been simple: Pavel Tsatsouline will put it in the most concise and practical terms. His latest book KETTLEBELL SIMPLE & SINISTER is his best to-date for men like me. Stripping away any fluff, he gives a no-nonsense, high-value program that brings outstanding results. I have known him for years; had him train all of my Force Reconnaissance Marines when I had Battalion command; and trust him implicitly. But as I poured over the pages of this new manual, I am constantly reminded of this incredibly capable man’s work ethic, ability to produce results, and genuine passion for giving the professional what he wants and needs to maintain high-end levels of performance…

What would I tell members of my Special Operation Brotherhood? What I have told them for years: buy this, do it and just grind it out and it will keep you alive. What would I tell anyone who wants to get fit, resilient, and better prepared for life’s challenges? Invest in this book, do the program, and experience a glimpse of what hard work and focused application can do for you.

Semper Fidelis and STRONGFIRST! —George H. Bristol, Colonel, USMC (retired)
Simple & Sinister revised and updated 2019, by Pavel Tsatouline


Most of the resources for athletes and coaches are right down your alley.

Hard living types, dig deep, fireman as example

(It goes without saying that you must accept the Tactical Strength Challenge.)