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I salute Pavel…—Louie Simmons, Westside Barbell Club

For you StrongFirst offers many online and live education opportunities in strength, conditioning, and resilience.

Gold standard instructor certifications, physically and mentally demanding, taught on six continents, always in person:

State-of-the-art online programming seminars:

  • Plan Strong™—the undefeated Soviet Olympic weightlifting system applied to general strength training (the powerlifts, the barbell and kettlebell military presses, weighted calisthenics)
  • Built Strong—the same system adapted for building muscle that is as strong as it looks

Online and/or in-person seminars with no pre-requisites or tests:

  • Strong Endurance™—Russian “anti-HIIT” that trains you to produce less lactic acid instead of tolerating more of it. Used by Russian national teams in a variety of sports: judo, cross country skiing, rowing, full contact karate…
  • All-Terrain Conditioning™—same as the above, minus the painful science, plus specific exercise instruction

In-person seminars with no pre-requisites or tests:

  • StrongFirst O-Lifting will teach the barbell snatch and the clean-and-jerk plus their variations to athletes who are not lifters
  • StrongFirst Resilient is what “functional training” wishes it could do: ready you for the odd angles, ranges, and leverages sports and life throws at you
  • Programming Demystified—a deep dive into the principles, methods, and tactics of strength and muscle hypertrophy programming—plus an arsenal of powerful plug-and-play templates and plans.

Want to get your feet wet with the StrongFirst methods and the science behind them before committing to a seminar or an instructor certification?

Read Pavel’s book The Quick and the Dead: Total Training for the Advanced Minimalist.

Pavel is a true innovator best known for introducing kettlebells to the world. His recent book The Quick and the Dead is an extraordinary integration of the Russian science that I so admire. What he produced is summarized in the subtitle Total training for the advanced minimalist. This is true innovation—not marketing. As with all his writings, it is punchy, to the point, spiced with his wry humour and spot on summaries. Any person interested in human performance needs to be familiar with this approach from a true innovator and true master.—Stuart McGill (Professor Emeritus), author of Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance
The Quick And The Dead book by Pavel Tsatouline