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Nicolay Hess

profilephoto01-0011G00000uobAAQAYThis is Nicolay Hess, a 37 year old Police Officer, who found his passion for the Kettlebell six years ago in the Athletic and Fitness Club in Kornwestheim.

In 2021 he changed the police department and became an operational trainer.
That was also the moment he wanted to put his Kettlebell training on a new level and this brought him to STRONGFIRST.

Nicolay is also a certificated Krav Maga Instructor, Functional Trainer and police sports insctructor, who will help you reaching your personally goals
to become phyiscal and mentaly stronger.

You'll find him at the new Athletic Club in Leonberg.
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Accepting new students.
Website: https://www.athleticclub-leonberg.de/
Contact: Click to contact


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