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profilephoto01-0011G00000x9xCzQAIHi. I have been training with Barbells since 2016 with slow steady progression and programming. The ladder (programming) is my favorite. I am a great supporter of the main movements (Squat, Deadlift, Military Press, Bench Press) with some aiding movements (e.g.Good Morning, Zercher Squats, Front Squats, ...). My main theme is "keep it straight and simple (KISS). I will help you so you can help yourself on the long run and keep progressing and getting better.
If you get strong, you will surely also look good (if that is important to you) and some basic diet requirements will be discussed so you keep getting stronger (means eating more (!)and the right stuff). And for the women: "No, you will not get bulky, and you will get strong, it´s great".
I want you to make the training enjoyable and last.. it s a lifestyle, not a quick fix. If you are willing to accept these conditions, please contact.
Personal stuff: I have been living in South Africa for 14 years and worked as a Tour Guide and Restaurant Owner. I then went back to Germany to work as a Psychotherapist. I am employed by the municipality and also on the side with my own private practice. Strength Training adds perfectly to any therapy or life quality. The effects of strength training equal the effects of a solo medical therapy when in depression. If you are interested to combine these possibilities or book me for a seminar, you are heartly welcome in my own practice and gym or to contact me. Thomas
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Yannic Urschel
You‘re a machine!
You‘re the best Trainer ;)


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