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Barbara Rezzonico

profilephoto01-0011G00000z7medQAAStrongFirst-certified Instructor.

Finally... Strongfirst also in Ticino!

I'm Barbara, and I'm happy to be the first Strongfirst certified instructor in Ticino.

I've always been passionate about sport and keeping fit, and I literally fell in love with kettlebell training in 2020, thanks to the pandemic.
Since then I have never stopped training with this tool, "The Swiss Army Knife of Strenght & Conditioning", and I took it so seriously and with passion that I decided to become a certified instructor.
It's incredible how much a single piece of equipment can give in terms of strength, physical condition, body composition, metabolism and posture.

In addition to strength training, I love riding my road bike for miles, running, skiing and swimming.

I have been teaching swimming for many years to children and young people, and a few years ago I also started teaching skiing, again to children.

I also have a certification as a Spinning instructor and one in Nutrition and Coaching, released from Precision Nutrition.

Thanks to my experience and especially to what I have learned, and I am constantly learning, from Strongfirst, I would be thrilled to help anyone who needs advice on training or wants to train with me, either individually or in small groups.
I have a degree in foreign languages and literature, and I speak English, German and French (as well as Italian, of course :)) languages in which I can teach :)

Power to you!
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