Nic Weber

profilephoto01-001370000076Z0LAAUThe kettlebell revolution has arrived in Switzerland. Power to the Swiss people!

After practicing various sports (karate, rugby, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, shooting), Nic discovered kettlebells and Pavel’s training methods in 2011. Nic is convinced and will convince you that kettlebells are the most efficient tool for the development of strength and power, mobility, endurance as well as general fitness and wellness. Discover the “what the hell effect” by yourself!

Strong Endurance™ by Pavel anti-glycolytic training available.

Second Wind by Pavel, Russian Breathing & Relaxation Techniques for Superior Performance integrated into the coaching.

Courses available in English, français, Deutsch, Bäärntütsch and italiano.

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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Seb F
Passion, benevolence, pedagogy are 3 words that perfectly characterize Nic.
I had the chance to participate in 2 sessions in small groups with him and the progression was immediate thanks to his advice and his expert eye: in just a few months I went from a 12 kilos to the simple objective, I am delighted and I continue on the path of strength!

Daniel Hacki
I had a private kettlebell session with Nic - focused, good instructor and a very nice guy. I learned more about kettlebell technique in 2 hours than in 5 years of CrossFit. Will definitely come back!

Damien Hussy
I had a great coaching session with Nic. He was able to match the level of his teaching to my level of understanding. He is full of passion for training with kettlebells and other methods. We had fun, I learned a lot and I improved my heaviest TGU from 24kg to 32kg thanks to his encouragement and technique cues!

I fully recommend training with him!

Nic has all the qualities of a great instructor. Patient, thorough, clear communicator, experienced, safe and strong!

Thank you Nic for you time and instruction, and kick-starting my Kettlebell journey!

This guy is a machine but it is also a very good instructor who will teach you the kettlebell easily and quickly!

I highly recommend ??

Ce type est une machine mais en plus C’est un très bon instructeur qui vous enseignera la kettlebell facilement et rapidement!

Je recommande vivement ??

Un excellent instructeur ! Je le recommande !

Nic Waeber est un instructeur en or!
Sympathique et très encourageant !!! Il est passionné et passionnant ! ☺️Je suis tellement contente de l avoir rencontré.
Il y a 4 mois , J’ai pris contact avec lui pour mon entraînement préparatoire du SGF1 et depuis notre rencontre mon évolution et ma technique d entraînement ne font que s améliorer ! Il m avait prédits que je serais capable de pousser très lourd au dessus de ma tête pour la fin d année, pour mes 50 ans ! Je n’y ai pas crû une seconde car cela m était carrément impossible ...pas capable! impensable ! Inimaginable !
en un mois , ayant bien noté et bcp travaillé sur ses précieux conseils , je me suis totalement dépassée ! Je validais ce poids si lourd à mes yeux ( 20kg !!)en TGU ...dire qu’ en mars j arrivais tout juste avec a soulever 12kg!
Alors Nic, Merci pour tout !


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