Jessica Cenidoza

profilephoto01-001370000076ZhcAAEThroughout their lives, Dan and Jessica Cenidoza have been practitioners of fitness and health. Early in Dan’s career, his business started out at a home gym which evolved to him opening a small gym in 2011. A very busy year later, they moved to a new facility and started the fitness club, Art and Strength. This soon would become Baltimore Kettlebell Club. Their vision for BKC was to provide a space for the community to better themselves through fitness; a place filled with positivity, passion, and respect. Fast forward 8 years and they have provided just that.

“Our mission is and always will be to instruct and inspire people to live stronger, healthier lives. At BKC, we are committed to serving the community and providing the highest levels of training. Whether you are interested in group classes, personal training, or one of our community events, our trainers are committed to your success and health. When you walk through the doors of BKC, you are a part of a family. You will be greeted by name and encouraged throughout your entire workout. Here, you will never be judged by how you look, how you eat, how much you weigh, or what you do in your spare time. Your progress will be measured by your performance. We are a Strongfirst accredited gym and our motto is: “I AM A STUDENT OF STRENGTH” “STRENGTH HAS A GREATER PURPOSE” We will always maintain the highest levels of competency in our training. We will never sacrifice technique in favor of more weight. We are always striving for integrity and leading by example. We look forward to seeing you in the club!”
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Kim Cobb
If you are looking for a gym that feels like a family this is the one. Dan and his wife Jess really care about their clients.

Jess finds time in her busy day (five kids, which she homeschools). To do a FB live workout 3x/ a week. Her form is perfect. I have learned a lot by watching her example. It’s doable for anyone, at any level, as you can adjust it to your level based on your kettlebell weight and amount of reps. She challenges you to do your best.

It’s not only a great workout but highly entertaining as she may run off screen any momement when a bug intervenes, a child may skate by or show you slime, there’s a rooster, wind chimes...

Jeannie Regan
Jessica's facebook workouts have made it easy for me to workout at least 3 times per week. There are times I just can't make the afternoon kettle bell classes at the gym or on zoom. So, I just watch one of Jessica's recorded facebook workouts and do it when it's convenient for me! Her workouts are always challenging and varied. She kicks butt! Thank you Jessica!

Phil Parrow
Jessica is an amazing trainer! She worked with me and my wife who was 6 months pregnant at the time. She taught my wife so many movements that were safe to do during her pregnancy as well as things to focus on post-delivery. We learned so much from working with her and since then my wife and I have more than doubled the weight of our kettlebells. I highly recommend Jessica for people of all ages. 5 stars!

Paraskevi Luebben
Jessica’s live workouts are great! The pace is easy to keep up with. Her instruction before each set is on point and knowledgeable. There’s always one or two special guest appearances that make her workouts extremely entertaining.

Diane Chase Bednarek
I had the good fortune to spend 3 days with Jessica when she earned her SFG1 Certification. Aside from her high level of competency with a kettlebell, I found her to be a kind, caring, thoughtful and humble person who sincerely enjoys helping others find their way to new levels of skill and/or health, and who, as a busy mom, can easily relate to folks struggling to squeeze in training time.


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