Welcome StrongFirst Instructor!

CONGRATULATIONS on earning and becoming a StrongFirst Certified Instructor!

Your instructor profile is active! Click FIND AN INSTRUCTOR to search for your profile. You may change your profile details except your rank and email address, that needs to be requested for us to update.

We receive numerous requests from people seeking quality StrongFirst instruction so let us direct their inquiries to you. Add your bio and photo today. Potential training students will reach you via the contact form on your profile page. Their message will be rerouted to your email address in our system.

Important: you must select one option or you won’t be searchable by zip code. If you are NOT currently accepting new training students, please select the “No” option in your profile.

Profile Instructions

  • To edit your profile: If you are a member of the forum, log in with your forum email. Then switch back over to the FIND AN INSTRUCTOR page for your instructor profile, scroll down a bit and click “edit your profile.”
  • To add your profile: you’ll need to create an account on the forum, it’s fast, takes 2 minutes and you get access to and can participate in the discussion. Go to http://www.strongfirst.com/community/ and click on ‘Log in’ in the upper right corner (and use the email found in your profile to sign up). Then, visit your instructor profile page, scroll down a bit and click “edit your profile.”
  • Your profile and forum email needs to match within our website and database systems. If you wish to edit, please send an email to contact@strongfirst.com with the email address you’d like to use, and we’ll update it for you.
    • Not sure what your account emails are—send a message to yourself from your profile contact link. If it differs from your forum account email, send a message to contact@strongfirst.com to update.

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This one is for the Forum profile.

Our Instructors Only Forum: once you have created your forum account, please click on “Inbox” at the top-right of your screen, then select “Start a New Conversation.” Address your new conversation/message to Steve Freides, letting him know that you’re now a certified instructor, and he will change your profile to reflect your status as shown underneath your name, and also to give you access to a special Instructors Only section.

Our Instructors Only Webpage: this page is for current Instructors only. Here you will find exclusive articles created for and available to our Instructors, the Instructor apparel store, an Instructor listing on the website and access to special discounts with our partner Articles and Documentation (SOP/Branding Guides) specific to Instructors along with our Instructor Apparel Store. A login and password is needed to access so we can verify you are current. You may log in with your Forum credentials.

Become a StrongFirst Accredited Gym: Our StrongFirst Accredited Gyms enjoy the name recognition, trust, and legitimacy that comes with their official StrongFirst affiliation, among many other benefits! Review the Accredited Gym requirements and the application to apply here. Learn more about our Accredited Gyms here.

Discount Partner Organization Program: We are not to be all things to all people. Our focus is strength training because we believe strength is the master quality. There are other important aspects to fitness, and we partner with other organizations to fill those voids and complement our system. Discount details in our Instructor Only Webpage > Section 5: Instructors.

Our Instructors Only Facebook group: in addition to the Forum on our website, StrongFirst has a strong presence on Facebook. If you would like participate in our Instructors Only group there, please send either a link to your instructor page or a picture of your certificate to Steve Freides, plus make a request to join the group.  When Steve has both those things, he will add you.

Besides the Facebook Instructors Only group, we encourage you to join the Facebook public group called StrongFirst Training/Practice, and look for our other groups focused on StrongFirst bodyweight and barbell training.  Please also follow our page on Facebook, and also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

We are proud to welcome you to the StrongFirst family.

Congratulations once again, and Power to you!