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bent press

  1. Kettlebell Form check swings and bent press

    Hi all, Have embarked upon Dave Whitley's Bent and Sinister program from his sublime Taming the Bent Press book (thank you Mr. Whitley), and was hoping for a form check on my swings and bent presses. Some background: early 30s, ~150lb, 5ft 10, prior training with barbells (strength level 2xBW...
  2. JeffC

    Kettlebell Bent press recovery

    I have been training the bent press for a few months. I have Dave Whitley's book "Taming the Bent Press" and am working the programs and progressions. It is becoming my favourite lifts because of the strenght and mobility achieved, and happiness from lifting heavy stuff over head. Which bent...
  3. Kettlebell RE: Seven Basic Movements--Bent Press?

    Hey all, (For those who don't know what I mean when I write "seven basic movements", here's an article about it: The Seven Basic Human Movements - StrongFirst) I've been working on my bent press with the help of Dave Whitely's book, Taming the Bent Press (by the way, thanks Mr. Whitely!), and...
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