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calistheincs for iron domination

  1. Carl

    Bodyweight Dan John on Pull Ups

    As with most anything Dan John I thought this: Pull Ups was an outstanding read. I'm more of a rep with bodyweight rather than add weight to my pull ups guy. However, the line on "if all you did was pull ups and swings or goblet squats you would be doing pretty well" had me nodding. Imagine...
  2. Yaroslav

    Kettlebell Hybrid template based on principles of "Calisthenics for iron domination"

    Comrades, would you kindly share your thoughts about the following training template. I really like the idea of mixing training modalities and implements, especially calisthenics and kettlebells. Even more I like it after reading "Calisthenics for iron domination" by Aleks Salkin. So, below...
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