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As with most anything Dan John I thought this: Pull Ups
was an outstanding read.

I'm more of a rep with bodyweight rather than add weight to my pull ups guy. However, the line on "if all you did was pull ups and swings or goblet squats you would be doing pretty well" had me nodding.

Imagine just digging real deep on these basics and little else. Refining technique and working up to impressive levels of strength would do wonders for the whole body I'm sure.

Simple and Sinister with pull ups!
Wow, really nice read. Dan John is always a treat. Thanks for the link. Damn, I should probably do more hangs. (It's even part of S+S... Pavel advices to hang from a bar after the sessions or in the evening.)

Aleks Salkin has an 8 week program where you alternate one day of TGU and Swings and one day of Pullups and Crawling. I think this is a great combination. Crawling and pullups are really unique BW moves and TGUs and swings (well, S+S) really unique KB moves.
I love Steve Maxwell's stuff - he's been there, seen it and done it and still in amazing shape.

Hangs definitely feel like they work some magic in the upper body for me at the end of each session.
I think pullups/chinups were a great addition to S&S. Then, I tried doing them one handed and got hurt.
Hi all...thought I would ask here instead of making another pullup thread.

I'm on the road right now, so I'm doing some bodyweight ladders of pistol squat/one arm pushup progression/chin-ups for my strength exercises. I have a doorway pullup bar, but the doorway is too low for me to be able to dead hang, and I (unfortunately) don't have the core strength to maintain an L-sit you have any recommendations for the next best thing to do with my legs?
Hollow and bent knees don't go together well, but you could use this as an opportunity to work on the other kind of pullup if you wish.

I have the same issue with a low hanging pull up bar. I'd reccomend switching to L-sit or tuck pullups instead of hollow position. You get a lot of the same tension benefits whilst not worrying about hitting the floor. Plus if you can find a more unpleasant variation than an L-sit towel pull up I'm not sure I want to know!
I agree. I have been practicing weighted pull ups with a hard hollow position for a while now and then tried the pull up protocol of one of the Canadian Forces SF tests which was pull-ups with knees bent to 90 and feet crossed.....they were very different and more difficult
the L-sit option sounds good.

As an aside, the reason for the bent knees as the protocol was to accommodate testing environments without and bar high enough for the member to have their legs straight.
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