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  1. Denys Carthusian

    Kettlebell Suggestions for Asymmetrical Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    Preface: I have just purchased Brett Jones's Mind The Gaps and have access to Original Strength programming. After much hard work with a variety of therapists, I still seem to have a lingering issue on my upper left side which flares on a regular basis. I am just starting Brett's video series...
  2. IMayAgainKnowChris

    Kettlebell ABC + pressing volume and pull-ups

    I remember Dan saying that for ABC a good start would be alternating 2x and 1x per week with another program alternating the opposite (I hope that makes sense). I’m wondering how to add in pressing volume and pull-ups without over taxing myself. (Like a different training on my “off days” not...
  3. coachnathanwhite

    Other/Mixed Dan John - "Coaching 101"

  4. Kettlebell ROP “Easy Strength” Variation?

    Hello StrongFirst community, On page 109 of easy strength, the 2nd principle of “three ladders and three rungs” is discussed by Dan John. The specific example Dan used is Pavel’s ETK ROP program and mentions that 3 ladders and 3 rungs are what he found best to work the slow grinding movements...
  5. Bodyweight Advice on Easy Strength for Bodyweight

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to construct an Easy Strength workout for myself and would like a little input. Basically, five days a week, per Easy Strength 40 day workout: 10 reps for Cardio Squat (alternating Pistols) Chins Dips (all done bodyweight) 50 reps for Kettlebell swing w/ 24kg...
  6. Maine-ah KB

    Kettlebell Can you go wrong with The 6 human movements

    specifically dan johns definition: push, pull, hing, squat, loaded carry, everything else. When ever I don't know what to do resently I follow these movement patterns, and try and chose intelligent varieties of each. It's been working great for me and I really enjoy my training! The template I...
  7. Carl

    Other/Mixed Free Easy Strength Slides (Dan John)

    This is absolute gold from Dan John. He could sell this at a premium but has linked to it free in latest post. A complete set of PowerPoint slides on Easy Strength principles and applications. Enjoy!
  8. Carl

    Other/Mixed Less Can Be More (Strength & Hypertrophy)

    Interesting Dan John post this week on his blog arguing the case for simple and relatively low volume work: I quote: "We need the increases in strength, hypertrophy and mobility that come with proper strength training. The amount needed to do this is far less than most people think. The...
  9. Carl

    Bodyweight Dan John on Pull Ups

    As with most anything Dan John I thought this: Pull Ups was an outstanding read. I'm more of a rep with bodyweight rather than add weight to my pull ups guy. However, the line on "if all you did was pull ups and swings or goblet squats you would be doing pretty well" had me nodding. Imagine...
  10. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Recommended Podcast's: Brett Jones & Dan John

    Grab a legal pad and your favorite pencil, class is now in session.... Brett Jones: Training with Kettlebells from Shred Shed Podcast Dan John part 1 of 2 from Shred Shed Podcast
  11. Arn


    Hey Guys. I`m currently working on getting a 200 kg. deadlift as a primary goal. Right now i have a max DL of 165 kg, pull-up at 15, and a military press of 60 kg. With my job in law-enforcement and martials-arts training i am able to build stength three times a week. I have been doing...
  12. Mike Whitenton

    Kettlebell Pistol or Double Kettlebell Front Squat for Easy Strength?

    I'm going to be starting my first Easy Strength cycle tomorrow and am not sure on which squat to include: pistol or double kb front squat. My pistols are a bit rusty (bodyweight only at this point) and my starting weight for the double kb front squat would be a pair of 53#s, which are...
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