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Kettlebell Pistol or Double Kettlebell Front Squat for Easy Strength?

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Mike Whitenton

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I'm going to be starting my first Easy Strength cycle tomorrow and am not sure on which squat to include: pistol or double kb front squat. My pistols are a bit rusty (bodyweight only at this point) and my starting weight for the double kb front squat would be a pair of 53#s, which are challenging but probably about a 10RM.

I ask because I've been wondering lately about getting foundational movements down before progressing to more complex ones.

Any input as to whether it would be better to do my first cycle with the pistol or FS (or goblet, I suppose)?

I'm doing ES to supplement my 5-day a week bjj habit, if that helps. :)
Pistol is more CNS intensive, I'd go w/ some squat, either GS or FSQ.

Aside from overall health and longevity, my primary goal is to have exceptional strength for my weight (175lbs) for my Jiu Jitsu game. I want to be strong enough that, given equal skill sets, I will more likely than not have the upper hand through strength (and conditioning).

If it helps, I've had success with S&S. Worked up to the simple goal and flirted with 40kg before I hurt my shoulder (got a bit greedy).
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My humble 2 cents is start conservative, you can't go wrong with starting with the double kb front squat and then eventually running a cycle with pistols.. The goal is health and to be a better grappler, not to be a monster in the weightroom :)
I used dbkb front squats on a simple strength template for a while. They are excellent for the squat pattern/leg strength but also really hit your whole midsection quite hard, which would be quite helpful for any grappler. It has a similar feeling to be crushed by a heavier opponent and helps you to breathe behind the shield as they say. I wish I had done them back when I was doing bjj. I'm currently doing Pavel's 4 week kb shred which has front squats 2x a week for 6 sets of 5.
I did phase 1 of Strong! with double kettlebell front squat (a 20 and a 24 kg since I dont have to bells of the same size). It was hard! But the results where incredible!! Thanks Mr Neupert
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