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Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Jak Nieuwenhuis, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm trying to construct an Easy Strength workout for myself and would like a little input.

    Basically, five days a week, per Easy Strength 40 day workout:

    10 reps for
    Cardio Squat (alternating Pistols)
    (all done bodyweight)

    50 reps for

    Kettlebell swing w/ 24kg

    and five reps for

    TRX ab rollout

    I'm pretty sure that's how it's done. Been reading Easy Strength for a few months now.

    A few questions:

    will easy strength help keep me fresh? I'm a physical laborer and can't afford to be burnt out from the workout, that's why i've drifted towards daily training

    what benefits can I expect from this program, besides getting better at each exercise?

    can I add some grip work to the program? captains of crush style?

    Will some rucking be suitable conditioning for an easy strength program?
  2. pet'

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    I think it will keep you perfectly fresh. However, it may also depends on your physical abilities (and recovery ability) before starting the program. Plus, it may also depends on your job (if it involves lots of walk, lifting, etc...)

    Regarding the exercises you do, I think you'll get a decent conditioning level (swings + cardio pistols).
    Regarding strength, once again, it depends on your current level. I am not sure you will gain "a lot of" strength. 10 dips + 10 chins are not that demanding (IMO). Then, to gain some arm strength, I'd keep the combination push / pull because it works an agonist / antagonist pair, but I'd use a weight. Targetting something like 3 or 4 reps a day (using the "daily dose principle": about 70-80% of your max). I did it to get the OAC, it worked like a charm and I recovered well.

    Otherwise, would you be interested by a standard S&S practice ? (plus adding some pull ups and or abs training 3 times a week)

    I think so !

    Kind regards,

  3. Marc

    Marc Helping Make Others Stronger

    It looks good to me.
    I think you can gain strength by adding weight to your chins and dips. 10 reps with a lot if weight cab be hard (think 3x3). Of coures don't go too hard every day.
  4. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    I should have clarified that I wanted to center my training around chins and dips, even if they need to be weighted for lower reps.

    I figured Easy Strength would accomplish that. Thanks for the clarity.

    How to Train for Mass With Chins and Dips

    Perhaps S and S warmup + S and S swing protocol + chins and dips program would be appropriate

    I'm currently low on recovery abilities, I must say. Not so much that strength training isn't still beneficial, but I've definitely had to dial back lately due to the working I'm doing.

    thanks pet'
  5. pet'

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    @Jak Nieuwenhuis
    You are welcome.

    If you are after a mix of strength and conditioning, maybe it is possible to get some ideas:
    Total Package Weekly Kettlebell Training Template
    Plus, it manages 3 days of rest, so you could incorporate some easy rucking. Moreover, you have presses and pull ups (but you can replace presses by weighted dips)

    Kind regards,

  6. Steve Freides

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    @Jak Nieuwenhuis, do you need any additional conditioning, given what you do all day long?

    Perhaps barbell deadlifts or two-kettlebell front squats are a better choice than chins and dips - things to build some strength in a way that's at a higher level of intensity from what you do all day, in order to make your daily activities eventually a lower percentage of your limit strength. I would think - just my gut reaction here - that this would be the way to go for you unless, of course, you are bending over picking up really heavy things all day long.

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  7. Marc

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    If you want a pure bw alternative here is another suggestion:

    -Dragon Flag or TRX rollou
    -50 swings
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  8. offwidth

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    How do the 50 swings fit in the definition of pure bw?

    Just sayin'....
  9. Marc

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    You are right! They do not!
    Let me rephrase: pure bw regarding the strength moves.
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  10. Maine-ah KB

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    Hill sprints for then power move for the pure bw
  11. GeoffreyLevens

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    My guess is you are well aware of this but speaking from experience, a good reminder always be helpful:

    In regards to "staying fresh" I would suggest laying out a good template as you have done and are working on, but don't get married to the programming. Just like with LSD conditioning, go by how you feel. On days you don't feel "up to it" and either cut back reps or sets or even just do an extra deloaded stretching day, it will likely feel like you are short circuiting your progress. But much more and faster will be gained by not burning out.
  12. Marc

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