1. Benjamin Renaud

    DIY Stall Bar with construction file. Pull-up/dip attachment

    Never thought about dropping this off here before. Stallbars.pdf
  2. Double Reps in 2 Weeks

    I want to keep my question short: I' am training 5/6 times per week for a few months now (mostly strength training). So I can do ~25 pushups, ~10 pullups, ~10 dips and ~10 pistol squads with perfect form in one set. My goal is to double those reps in the next two weeks. (50 pushups, 20...
  3. A+A, chins and dips

    I'm a 25 year old man, weighing about 73-74kg depending on the day. I have no previous history of injury more than a callus tear or worse. I train BJJ about 3-4 times a week, and my training is both towards complementing my jiu jitsu, preventing injury and getting stronger for the sake of...
  4. Jak Nieuwenhuis

    Advice on Easy Strength for Bodyweight

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to construct an Easy Strength workout for myself and would like a little input. Basically, five days a week, per Easy Strength 40 day workout: 10 reps for Cardio Squat (alternating Pistols) Chins Dips (all done bodyweight) 50 reps for Kettlebell swing w/ 24kg...
  5. Carl

    When to end a set?

    Hi all, I'm interested in hearing thoughts and experiences of stopping most sets based on when speed starts slowing down. Is this as hard as StrongFirst recommends pushing a set outside of record attempts? My focus is higher rep bodyweight basics (chins, dips, skater squats). I come from...
  6. Carl

    How Much Variability is Enough?

    Hi all, My current goals are pretty tightly focused on some bodyweight goals revolving around basics (chins, dips and hover lunges). In terms of programming, I am wondering if just varying grip, volume, effort (same but different) is enough variability over the course of the training year or...
  7. Kettlebell military press and dips

    I love to do weighted dips, I feel that nothing works better on my chest and they were a major part of my training program. but I would now like to improve my one hand kettelbell press. how could I combine these two movements in one program (in military press i want to increas my 1 RM and in...
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