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  1. xagunos

    Bodyweight My favorite push-up variation at the moment Hopefully some of you may find this useful. All that’s needed for this exercise is the floor and wall. It’s much more difficult than it looks and does an excellent job working the delts, upper pecs, traps and triceps. You’ll have to play around with...
  2. Kettlebell Semester goals

    Comrades, Later this week I'll move to another town for one semester and want to achieve (or at least come close to) Timeless Simple AND put on some muscle, too. 1,86m at ~72kg isn't that much and while I look athletic I'd like to put a little frame on. Since the gym at the campus is closed...
  3. awito

    Other/Mixed Adding Calisthenics to Barbell 5x5 Linear Progression

    Hey all, I'm coming back to lifting after a couple of months of break due to health problems I encountered. I started doing a 5x5 Linear Progression program to increase my strength with the basic movements (squat, bench, deadlift, row, overhead press) back to my previous levels. But with the...
  4. The painless path to endurance routine

    I came across this article from Tim Ferris ( The Painless Path to Endurance (Plus: Breville Winner and More) ) in which he more or less discussed the training routine from this SOF guy called Victor, who is quote: "He was capable of a strict pullup with 160 pounds of extra weight, at a...
  5. Other/Mixed Program ideas for a sandbag, kettlebell and weighted calisthenics

    First thread here. I’ve done my fair share of barbell throughout the years I’ve lifted (currently 21 and started when I was 17) and to be honest I’ve grown a little bored with it. I just don’t seem to get excited with it anymore . I like the idea of sandbag training because it’s challenging and...
  6. Carl

    Bodyweight Random Acts of Distraction

    Hi all, I wrote and shared this Pavel inspired piece recently at my blog: Random Acts of Distraction (Lessons from Pavel) Hope you enjoy it. Carl
  7. Other/Mixed Kettlebell calisthenics hybrid program?

    Hi all. Due to recent life changes I no longer have access to barbells. I spent the past few years on several SF programs with success, most recently Reload. Achieved a 2.2xbodyweight deadlift. I’ve always integrated kettlebells. After years of not training them, I can still bang out one...
  8. Carl

    Bodyweight Pull Ups & Strong Endurance

    Hi all, I wondered what the updated line of thinking is on Strong Endurance type training with pull ups. Specifically, what are some SF tested and approved applications/programmes? Looking to run this as a standalone minimalist programme for a while and cover full body with limited moves. I...
  9. rvaldrich

    Bodyweight Musings and Explosive Lifts

    So I read this: The Best Hip Hinge Exercise | StrongFirst Spoiler alert: it's the swing. Now, Pavel would go on to crown his best lift for other exercises (squat, push, pull, etc). But it got me thinking...the swing has always seemed like a ballistic deadlift. Yes, yes, I know that's not...
  10. Bodyweight Will Calisthenics fix posture problems.

    I just bought Complete Calisthenics to follow, but I have some questions that aren't addressed in the book. I have pretty poor posture that I've tried working on mostly through being mindful of it, which has helped a lot though not as much as I want. Will the exercises aimed at strength and...
  11. rvaldrich

    Bodyweight Tension Day and Calisthenics

    So I read this: The Tension Day | StrongFirst So this might be a game-changer for me. I do mid- to high-level calisthenics on top of Simple & Sinister (some recent stalling not withstanding). So would/could a tension practice session be composed of calisthenic static holds or slow dynamics...
  12. ancientstrength

    Bodyweight Calisthenics vs Deadlift

    Ever since reading the book "Building the Gymnastic Body" I was amazed at the claims by the author. The book was written by a gymnastics coach by the name of Christopher Sommer. He stated that one of his students deadlifted 181kg/400lbs on his first attempt. The most impressive thing is that the...
  13. Bodyweight hand pain

    hi everyone! I started calisthenics 5 months ago and for the past month everytime im using a pullup bar im having this pain in the base of my index finger, im not sure if its common or safe to keep training does it ever happened to you? what should I do?
  14. Other/Mixed Kettlebell, Bodyweight and Rings based workouts for BUD/S

    What would be the best fitness plan/movements to consider to meet the physical demands of Navy SEAL training (BUD/S) given that it consists of thousands of reps of pushups, situps, pullups, dips, etc (other calisthenic movements) daily, hours of log and boat pt, obstacle course runs, as well as...
  15. Carl

    Bodyweight Step Loading for Bodyweight?

    I was re-reading Simple and Sinister’s chapter on step-loading, it occurred to me my own (mostly) calisthenics based training has moved in this direction. An example: Most pull up programmes (as written), are too much volume for me and my joints complain, so I end up modifiying. I’ve learned...
  16. rvaldrich

    Bodyweight Simple & Sinister + Gymnastic Bodies(ish)

    Howdy y'all! Been here forever, but haven't posted in...well, forever. I fell down the rabbit hole of wanting to do EVERYTHING AT ELITE LEVEL!!! Went looking for how to combine gymnastics and power lifting and olympic lifting and parkour and cobblery and 19th Planet Shadow Kung Fu MMA, etc...
  17. Epictetus554

    Other/Mixed Calisthenics and Weights : Longevity Factor

    Hello Everybody, I wanted to get a discussion started on calisthenics and weights. Now, I understand that it's fully possible to have the best of both worlds and just to do both modalities. My main reason for training is longevity and health. In the long run, how do these two modalities match...
  18. Carl

    Bodyweight Any plans for 1 day bodyweight course in UK?

    I’ve been keeping an eye out but no joy as yet for 2020. Any plans @Karen Smith, @Steve Freides or @Pavel Macek?
  19. mikhael

    Bodyweight Calisthenics and building muscles

    Is it possible to build muscle with calisthenics? This simple question is permanently drilling my mind leaving an open space for the answer. Thus I decided to ask you dear Strong First forum members for help in solving this issue.
  20. damogari

    Bodyweight Bodyweight program on vacations

    I am working out with barbell and kettlebells for some time and consider myself intermediate lifter, but I am going on longer vacations in April and will be 4 weeks away from weights. I am looking for some programming/exercise selection tips to work out on the road. I am heav-ish male (~98kg...
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