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convict conditioning

  1. Other/Mixed skinny-fat seeking to join the army.

    Hello everyone So all of a sudden I decided to enlist in the army and I'm serious this time. For the past few weeks I have started self-training by carrying out bodyweight workouts like pushups, sit ups, squats, and running every other day. My current progress: 2 miles in 27 mins, 10 diamond...
  2. Adam R Mundorf

    Adam R Mundorf -- Training Log

    Age : 26 Background : I've been using kettlebells for about seven years. I've never made allot of progress because I've programmed hopped too many times to count. But I've never been completely inactive. That's allowed me to actually sustain an okay level of strength. I've always enjoyed the...
  3. Bodyweight Calling all cars.. to anyone who's actually made progress following the Convict Conditioning System

    Please tell me about your experiences. I do not mean following a program bending the rules of convict conditioning, I mean someone who has actually followed the system in the book and made meaningful progress in terms of strength gains by following the system that P. Wade outlines. (starting...
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