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  1. kiwipete

    Off-Topic Adrenal fatigue - training / lifestyle suggestions?

    Hi Team, There is a part of my brain that is slow to learn... I've had a history of burning myself out and while I haven't had an official diagnosis, the signs strongly indicate that I have adrenal fatigue issues. I love moving and training but I have a very limited capacity for recovery even...
  2. TSC TSC Training Program

    Hi everyone, Long time lurker and first time TSC entrant this Spring. My main concern is programming and was hoping for some guidance. My current thoughts are: Deadlift 1 or 2x per week Pull Ups/Dips 4x per week (Fighter Pull Up program style w/ progressive overload) Snatch 1x per week w/...
  3. Kettlebell ROP on irregular schedule

    Hi everybody, after achieving Simple standard, I follow ROP for about a year now, started with 16 kg, now trying 20 kg (my training log). I really enjoy ROP, I was looking forward to it during S&S and I like its selection of exercises - press, pull-up, swing and snatch. But because of my...
  4. Thomas-NNC

    Off-Topic Chronic Fatigue

    I'd like to connect with anyone who has recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and gone on to maintain a KB routine. I am passionate about kettlebells and have been a student of movement and fitness through my adult life. However, my ongoing struggle with chronic fatigue (12 years) means...
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