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Discussion in 'TSC' started by Justin Singh, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Justin Singh

    Justin Singh Double-Digit Post Count

    Hi everyone,
    Long time lurker and first time TSC entrant this Spring. My main concern is programming and was hoping for some guidance.

    My current thoughts are:
    Deadlift 1 or 2x per week
    Pull Ups/Dips 4x per week (Fighter Pull Up program style w/ progressive overload)
    Snatch 1x per week w/ Swings 2x per week

    I want to train 4x per week so I give myself adequate recovery - I'm a coach/trainer as a profession and can get run down doing too much in the gym (5/6 days a week) combined with work so I need to be careful. Does anyone else have concerns doing high rep Pull Ups and Snatches/Swings with fatigue as a concern (in the same session)? I feel like I could do the Pull Ups in the morning and Swings/Snatches in the evening to break it up but wondered what people with experience thinks of this or if you think I need to suck it up!

    In terms of current PR's:
    Deadlift ~400lbs
    Pull Ups: 15
    Snatches: Untested for a 5 min time, but do regular swings/snatches in training and hoping to get 100 in my first challenge.

    Thanks for any/all help!!
  2. miked

    miked Double-Digit Post Count

    I have a student at my gym who thinks she's going to be able to finish pretty high this year and wanted a more focused program. I heard good things about Toshner's plans.

    I have her basically doing this one but changing a little of the assistance work to just be what we're normally doing in class that day:

    Paving Your Personal Road to TSC Victory | StrongFirst

    He also has this one which is pretty good

    12-Week TNT TSC Training Program | StrongFirst

    And here's a bunch of different options for your skill level.

    TSC Training Plans for Athletes of All Levels | StrongFirst

    Typically though, I'm pretty much in your shoes and I just do an Easy Strength type plan all the time so I'm usually just strong enough to pull a big enough number with no issues, and most of my day-to-day work is very heavy snatches, so hucking the 24 around for 5:00 is no big deal. Pulling deadlifts and heavy snatches all the time gives my grip and lats a good enough workout that I never train pull-ups specifically.
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  3. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    +1 to this approach.

  4. Justin Singh

    Justin Singh Double-Digit Post Count

    Thanks Steve and Mike,
    I like your suggestions will look into them, will let you know how it goes :)
  5. Benen_Karski

    Benen_Karski Triple-Digit Post Count

    New to all this TSC talk, but find it to be a very interesting competition (challenge?-I guess I don't even know what it would be referred to as). Anyway, interested in getting involved in the spring TSC next year. How'd it go for you? Any interesting lessons to share?
  6. Justin Singh

    Justin Singh Double-Digit Post Count

    Hey Benen,
    Best thing to do is throw yourself in the October event and get just get numbers on the board and work a baseline. I ended up finishing ~top 20 for pull ups and top 10 for snatches but I ended up with a top 50 deadlift. I know I can improve snatch/pull up numbers but what's the point now that I know bringing up my deadlift will bring the biggest change. Good luck and keep us posted with what you do
  7. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    What's the point? I might be misinterpreting your statement but if you are disappointed about being in the top 50 with the deadlift, you shouldn't be. You achieved great numbers on your pull-ups and snatches (which you know you can improve). So out of the 3 lifts, only one needs immediate attention. Seems pretty good compared to some people (including myself) who are deficient on all 3 lifts.

    If you want to improve your deadlift, you might want to take a look at this deadlift singles program (link). I'm currently doing it and tracking my progress here.

    By the way, what did you pull in the challenge?
  8. Justin Singh

    Justin Singh Double-Digit Post Count

    I appreciate your words, not disappointed at all to clarify though and I ended up pulling 425 on the DL.

    Last TSC was my first time pulling a 1RM so I got the experience and recognition that my deadlift should be #1 priority. Your progress looks great, and funnily enough I'm working through a deadlift protocol very similar. Do you like the deadlift singles program?

    Good luck this fall
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  9. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    So far, I'm enjoying the program but I wouldn't do it continuously (it's pretty intensive). This is just an experiment I'm doing to see how well it works. I'll be testing my sort-of 1RM on the last week of August. I don't like reaching my true 1RM because I feel it's too dangerous and I'm not competing. So if the lift doesn't go up, I won't force it up.

    By the way, a 425lb pull is very good. I also noticed you competed in the Men's Classic. Any reason why you didn't start with the Men's Novice division? That's the one I was shooting for :)
  10. Justin Singh

    Justin Singh Double-Digit Post Count

    I modified the program you're doing to a 3x a week DL program hitting my 6x1 singles every two weeks so I get a mental (and physical) break and cycling from there. Maybe something to consider on your end to sustain the programming? As for the classic, I wanted to find out something about myself. I wasn't nervous about snatching the 20kg for 5 mins like the 24kg - what makes you lean towards novice?

    FYI I read Deadlift Dynamite and combined that with the "Vodka and Pickles" program. Have you looked at Deadlift Dynamite at all?
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  11. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    I guess because I am a novice ROFL The structural nerd inside of me felt I had to start in the Novice division until I rank in the top 3 and then move on to the next division.

    I read Vodka and Pickles and I might try that program in the future. As for Deadlift Dynamite, I've never read it but I'll look into it.

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