fighter pull up program

  1. Carl

    Volume threshold - pull ups and elbows

    Hi all, My elbows start to complain if my pull-ups or chin ups exceed a certain volume threshold (generally around 30 or so in a session). I have tried various tactics, slow and steady, breaking down the reps in varied ways (ladders, gtg etc) rotations of grips etc but elbows just do not...
  2. mikhael

    Fighter Push-up Program

    We all know the Fighter Pull-up Program and many of us used it to gain some serious strength, but my question is, is there an alternative version of the program with Push-ups?
  3. Stalling after 5 weeks of the FPP

    About me: 24M around 199cm 95kg currently doing 9 reps of BW+15kg pull-ups. I started the Fighter Program at 4 reps, and have followed it to the letter, with an occasional extra day off, the start was difficult but I managed to make progress completely according to the plan. When I got to my...
  4. Fighter Pullup Program with 1RM

    Hey all, I've been getting back into taking care of myself after a long few years of doing little to no physical activity. I don't currently have any barbells, kettlebells, etc. so I was planning on starting with some bodyweight work. One thing I'd really like to do is strengthen my upper...
  5. Kyle Kowalczuk

    Weighted pull up result post FPP

    So a post here about results of a recently completed weighted fighter pull program that got be a lifetime PR in the 1rm weighted pull up and max reps with 10kg. In preparing for my next tsc in the elite division I needed to get my weighted pull up max reps higher(10kg). After calculation...
  6. Jak Nieuwenhuis

    is the FPP good for my goals?

    Hello everyone. I have never run the FPP, but I would like to run the 3RM The Fighter Pull-up Program Revisited | StrongFirst This is so that I can have a lot of energy when I practice my tai chi / qigong. Basically planning on running the FPP by itself, with some stretching and breathing...
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