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  1. Karen Smith

    Bodyweight BODYWEIGHT.... what are you all working on or interested in?

    Hello Bodyweight enthusiast and Instructors - Hope you all are doing fabulous. Been a bit since Ive been active on the forum or writing article which use to be a monthly task. This has been a busy year as my only child heading off to college this next week. :confused: new stage/journey. Any way...
  2. Bodyweight A TGU Bodyweight Equivalent? Why/Why Not?

    I read an article that said 'a PT from trainstrong PT could barely flip a 350kg tyre. after doing 3 months of serious TGU work with a 48kg kettlebell, he was able to flip it over easily' I cant get a kettlebell, Would a One Arm Handstand provide the same stabiliser strength as the TGU??? If...
  3. Hung

    Bodyweight Transfer from wall handstand push up to freestanding

    I believe i could crack few handstand push up with the wall ( my clip is below), and now i want to do freestanding handstand push up. I have no idea the process ( what exercise should i choose, how to program, ...) Any recommendations would be very helpful. Also, my handstand skill is not so...
  4. Bodyweight handstand help

    hello everyone. I'd like to get to a free handstand at some point. 10 seconds would make me pretty happy. kind of an arbitrary number but still. this is my current progress. this is not a maximal hold, just a video to show my form.
  5. workout union

    Bodyweight The Hardest Push Up

    hey there guys, how's your training? Today I want to ask you if you ever tried the 90 Degree Handstand Push Up, in my opinion is another level of pushing, it's a really complete push move and its just works on overall strenght! If you haven't tried it I really recommend you do, or starting...
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