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  1. Karen Smith

    Bodyweight BODYWEIGHT.... what are you all working on or interested in?

    Hello Bodyweight enthusiast and Instructors - Hope you all are doing fabulous. Been a bit since Ive been active on the forum or writing article which use to be a monthly task. This has been a busy year as my only child heading off to college this next week. :confused: new stage/journey. Any way...
  2. Bodyweight Stretching for shoulder/bicep pain and tightness when training hangs and pullups

    Hi. I injured my knees so during physical therapy I switched to training upper body. I am currently training for (1) hanging leg raise, and (2) tactical pullups. Currently, I do as follows a few times a week, with 6 reps of the following Get into position and hang from har Clean hang for 5...
  3. Bodyweight Monitoring volume for pullups, dips, hanging leg raises, etc.

    In conjugate I monitor everything, but I haven't figured out how to calculate a number representative of volume for the bodyweight (and weighted) assistance. Pullups - what percentage of bw should I assign to a pullup? Also, say I add 100lb, is it then simply (% x BW +100)? Dips, hanging leg...
  4. Benjamin Renaud

    Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB DIY Stall Bar with construction file. Pull-up/dip attachment

    Never thought about dropping this off here before. Stallbars.pdf
  5. Bodyweight Brilliant hanging leg raise progression at home without a bar

    Alex Salkin (Strongfirst guy) just put up a great hanging leg raise progression easy to do in any doorstop. Aleks Salkin on Instagram: “Got 'Summer Six-Pack' ambitions but no pull-up bar upon which to do thy hanging leg raises? Verily I say unto thee: thou shalt try the non-…” Pavel wrote a...
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