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  1. quentin__bsbl

    Bodyweight HIRT/ATG vs HIIT (questions)

    Hello I am preparing for the tests of the DSU (intervention group of the Belgian federal police) I am 17 years old, I am already training by doing: - Weighted FPP - GTG one arm pull up - S&S 3x / week - RZ 3x / week - Running 3-4x / week So I inquired about increasing my cardio and so I quickly...
  2. hendobeatz

    Kettlebell Returning to training after frying Endocrine System *sissy move*

    Greetings girevichkas & gireviks! In early July of 2020, I'm embarrassed to say I fried my endocrine/nervous system following the fads of too much fasted HIIT training with moderate to heavy kettlebells. Quarantine, YouTube & Instagram "fitness gurus"/"biohackers", and my own ignorance caught...
  3. tlo72

    Bodyweight My 20 Potato Chips HIIT Oct 16 2019

    Activation routine - 5 10s plank, 5 10s superman fly, 20 slow lunges, 20 slow pushup, 5 min run Main routine - 5 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off hands off explosive push-up followed by high plank knee tuck My reps was 9-9-9-9-7 lost steam at the...
  4. mikhael

    Off-Topic HIIT with kettlebell

    Hi, I'm wondering how to approach HIIT with only a Kettlebell, Swings in particular. I have 24 and 32 pairs and want to implement some HIIT into my training. What would be the best routine? I was thinking about 2H Swings like in 10k program, but without strength exercises.
  5. banzaiengr

    Kettlebell HIRT for Hypertrophy

    These two articles by Craig Marker may have been placed here before. If so I apologize. A friend sent the first one to me and the second is linked within that article. I have placed both links below. Thought many would also find them interesting. HIRT for Hypertrophy HIIT versus HIRT
  6. Bodyweight Any advice to newbie veteran (in his mid 50s) re using sprinting to 'cut' ?

    Hello Can anyone tell me about sprinting on my off days from the gym? I understand that building muscle ('hypertrophy') and losing fat ('cut') are just about impossible to do during the same period. For that reason I am just trying to cut for the next 4 weeks. (although both at once would be...
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