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kettlebell training

  1. Anne Casstevens


    Background: I’m a StrongFirst Elite Instructor, Team Leader and Iron Maiden. I own and run my own studio in Salt Lake City UT. After completing my Iron Maiden Challenge I developed a love for the 24kg. This is my log of where I’m at and the ways I’m using some heavy complexes to improve my...
  2. Thomas Wright

    Bodyweight Adding push ups to kettle bell training

    I am currently training in ten day blocks consisting of 3 S&S days and 3 days training clean and press, squats and 1 day a week snatches. I would like to implement push ups into my programming to help augment my pressing. The reason for this is that the lateral head of my right tricep does not...
  3. Kettlebell What is the origin of this five week program on muscle and fitness?

    Does anyone know the origin of this workout said to be from Pavel? The article is not dated. It seems to be part of the thinking on anti-glycolytic training as the swing has multiple rounds of seven reps and the press has multiple low rep ladders with a long rest period. The 5-Week, Whole Body...
  4. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell The Conquer Podcast: Master SFG Zar Horton

    Episode 021: Kettlebells with Zar Horton of Firebellz from The Conquer Podcast
  5. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Coaching to Elevate Others

    Coaches - Your #1 goal personally and professionally should be to elevate others. How many opportunities day to day do you have to practice this? Do you know someone who achieved something big for them? This achievement may be below your skill level, but it's not about you it's about them...
  6. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Kettlebell Training _What Does Science Say?
  7. Miguel

    Other/Mixed Low Back Pain Help, Please and Thank you

    Greetings StrongFirst, I wanted to know if anyone out there, (mostly aimed at SFG I&II, SFB, and any therapists or doctors) has had any success with reducing/eliminating low back pain by either body weight or KB exercises. Background: A friend of mine asked me to train with her, but certain...
  8. Bobby

    Kettlebell SFG certification training

    hello, In my preparation for the SFG cert (March 2016), I am wondering if there's a suggested rest time between training leading up to the certification and the actual 3 day event. For example, train for 3 months and take a week off before the certification? A few days off? I planned on...
  9. Bobby

    Kettlebell Combining heavy weights, Kettlebells and sport specific training

    I am wondering what the best way would be to go about combining heavy weights with kettlebell training, with sport specific training. For example, I play basketball and run sprints to maintain athletic ability, more specifically, controlled movement running in a straight line, as well as...
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