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Kettlebell SFG certification training

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In my preparation for the SFG cert (March 2016), I am wondering if there's a suggested rest time between training leading up to the certification and the actual 3 day event. For example, train for 3 months and take a week off before the certification? A few days off?

I planned on starting Brett Jones' training guidelines, which would put me on that routine for 4 months leading up to the certification. Would I be assuming correctly that following that routine would be the best practice to condition myself for the event? Can I add in barbell workouts? How many days should I rest before the SFG?

I appreciate any help!
Hello Bobby,
When you plan to do Brett Jones' program, then... do it. Stick to it. As written. If you could add barbell work? I don't know, it is up to you anyway.

My SFG Cert was 16-18 of October 2015, thus not long ago. My "preparation" (I decided/subscribed to it roughly three weeks before) was lots of simple and sinister, "from simple to sinister" (8weeks) six weeks before the cert I terminated the SF protocol 520 (2h swings and presses 2 times a week) + some zercher squats & (weighted) ringpullups on other days. After that I resumed simple and sinister again, with zerchers, ringpulups, handstandpushups on other days, then two weeks before the cert my training gravitated to kind of "easy strength", which I still enjoy currently. My day "OFF" was the thursday, when I was in my car the whole day driving to the location. So to summarize: I did a lot of goblet squats, swings, get ups, zercher squats, some pull ups, handstandpushups, abwheel rollouts. Presses a few, Snatches less than few. What I did, is no recommendation. It was just, what I did, not more and not less. And by the way, it is a very good decision by you, to go for the cert.
Bobby, I'd just follow Brett's program. I wouldn't be adding in barbell work. Imho, the pros of barbell work have nothing to do with passing your cert, and if you're closing in on three months from the event, that should be your primary goal. So, I would stick to kettlebells, using Brett's program, and whatever activity you may do on the rest/active recovery days, I'd leave iron out of it altogether.

That is, unless you have an SFG instructor with whom you're working who says differently, knowing you well. Mine had me basically follow Brett's program, with a few modifications made partway through based on how I was progressing. (Thank you Doug Descant.) If you don't have one to help you prepare, my recommendation to find one outweighs my recommendation about barbells.

In the week prior to cert, I did basically what I had been doing anyway, just much less of it, and no iron the two days before cert, after which I was ready for some :)

Best of luck on your journey. Michael
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