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  1. Kettlebell Training with Minimal Time

    I am currently working 45-50hrs a week and have probably 30-45min 3 times a week I’m willing to spend training. My goals are just general health and longevity. Is simple and sinister the best choice? I’m concerned about the time it takes to complete the workout.
  2. Adachi

    Strong Endurance Minimalist Hypertrophy

    Intro I've recently seen fit to try my hand at a Strong Endurance hypertrophy protocol using Glycolytic Power Repeats. And I thought this might be good to share. I would like to state here that with some infrequency this protocol could be performed with any ballistic movement. Snatch, explosive...
  3. acutaiar12

    Kettlebell Opinions of Training Plan Moving Forward

    Hello everyone! I’m on my 3rd of 4 weeks away from my kettlebell, and missing it a lot. I haven’t been away from one since March 2020. During this time, I’ve just done NW and LSD running to get something in. One of the ways I have coped with being away from my bells has been studying @Pavel...
  4. Other/Mixed Bent Press, Military Press, Parallel Bar Dips for a minimalist program?

    I'm looking for a general strength protocol with kettlebells made as simple as possible. I have already settled for snatches/swings for my conditioning, as I respect the individual benefits that they both bring, so I decided to rotate through them both. However, I'm not sure if the bent press...
  5. Carl

    Bodyweight Pull Ups & Strong Endurance

    Hi all, I wondered what the updated line of thinking is on Strong Endurance type training with pull ups. Specifically, what are some SF tested and approved applications/programmes? Looking to run this as a standalone minimalist programme for a while and cover full body with limited moves. I...
  6. Kettlebell Feedback on my own KB program

    Hello, I would like to hear some feedback on my own kettlebell routine. Also, do tell if you recognize other similar principles or programs in it. I'd really appreciate it. The goal of the routine is to be something that is independent of the equipment (though of course, I prefer the KBs)...
  7. xagunos

    Barbell Two Exercises Only

    If you had to choose only two exercises to specialize on for the most gains in return, what would they be? For myself: DEADLIFTS & 90° PUSH-UPS. Deadlift develop the pulling musculature alongside powerful hips while 90° Push-ups work the entire shoulder girdle and arms through an immense...
  8. Other/Mixed SOF Selection Prep

    Hi there gents, Myself and a few people in my Unit here in our armed forces are intending to attend our Joint Special Forces Selection Test, a two week course that has two phases (1st week is physical screening 2nd week is selection itself.) First week 1) 500m swim test (15 minutes) 2)...
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