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muscle gain

  1. Nutrition In desperate need of nutrition advice

    Hi all, I am really hoping someone can help me out in regards to eating for my lifting and physique goals. First and foremost, I desire to lose body fat and gain strength. Once this pandemic is over I really aspire to train for powerlifting comps or strongman, whichever works out best first. I...
  2. mikhael

    Bodyweight Calisthenics and building muscles

    Is it possible to build muscle with calisthenics? This simple question is permanently drilling my mind leaving an open space for the answer. Thus I decided to ask you dear Strong First forum members for help in solving this issue.
  3. johnscooley

    Nutrition Top 3 Muscle Supplements. I Think You Should Buy Them

    Number 1: Caffeine. Caffeine is perhaps the most widely used stimulant in the world, taken almost religiously by many sleep-deprived individuals for a quick energy boost. But, it also has very capable ergogenic, performance enhancing effects that can aid muscle growth. Studies consistently...
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