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pavel macek

  1. New Book for Taming Arc in Ballistics

    Anybody see this yet? Aleks Salkin SFG II wrote it and Pavel Macek did the foreword. He’s got some really handy drills that make taming the different arc in the ballistic lifts a lot easier and faster. Tamers of the Lost Arc: Insider Tips on Smashing Your Plateaus, Kickstarting...
  2. scipio

    Simple/Sinister as a discipline

    Hello all. Some background to start. M/42/5'9"/190lbs. I've been weight training on a regular, but casual basis for 15-20 years. Regular in that I consistently trained, casual in that I didn't pursue any specific goals, other than the enjoyment of the routine and general fitness. I've been...
  3. StrongFirst

    Kettlebell [NEW ONLINE COURSE] Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

    Ladies and gentlemen, Kettlebell Simple & Sinister, the training program that has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, is finally available as an online course. Watch a top quality instructional video featuring StrongFirst Certified Instructors @Pavel Macek and @Justyna...
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