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  1. Bodyweight Full planche on rings

    Hi, i've got a question. Its my goal to hit the full planche on rings, but I am struggeling very hard at the moment. I can perform a solid straddled planche on rings for about 15 s and I am also able to hold the full planche on floor and parallets for 15s too. I am also capable of holding the...
  2. Planche & One Arm Chin Ups - Workouts

    I'll be posting links to all of my workouts. I have two main goals right now and they are pretty long term. I hope to have 3 one arm chins with each arm by the end of 2017 and 9s full planche by the end of 2017. Workout one is linked below. Please let me know what you think!
  3. Bodyweight Planche & One Arm Chin Up Journey

    I am documenting my 1st set of every workout on my journey to full planche and one arm chin up. I hope to have 3 one arm chin ups and a 9 second full planche by the end of 2017 and I'm posting 3 workouts every week with my progress and form improvement. I would enjoy to have an open conversation...
  4. Bodyweight Is there an alternative to the gymnastic planche?

    My >70 yo body does not cheerfully accommodate itself to gymnastic planche progressions. Is there an alternative exercise that would compliment the front lever progressions?
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