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side press

  1. Kettlebell Programming the KB side press

    To build stronger shoulders, a solid core, and add slight variety, could the KB side press be programed into the same week with clean and press ladders? If so, how would one add it?
  2. Kettlebell Side Press Benefits

    Hello guys, I want to start practicing the side press, and want to make it my primary pressing exercise for about 3 months. With this time frame and using a strict press 5rm bell, what will I notice to improve or develop in my strength. Comparing it with the strict press, how will it develop...
  3. Kettlebell Bent press/side press question

    I was speaking with someone recently about how I was looking to learn the bent press & side press, and they commented that I would be better off just doing windmills and military presses because the bent press and side press are a case of "half-a#@" movements. Is there any truth to that, or was...
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