1. r3econ

    Side splits - program critique request

    I've been working on my side splits for the last 2 weeks, stretching usually 2-3 times a week. I picked up the following stretches from Relax into Stretch: - Good morning stretch - Hip flexor stretch (kneeling) - Karate hip flexor stretch - Karate groin stretch - Cossack squats I also do Ido...
  2. Staying in the splits(kind of) for hours?

    I wanted to open the splits so I had that idea where I sit on my computer and, while facing the computer on the computer chair(the one which has hand-rests and goes circular) and put my right leg in the circle of the right hand-rest and put my left leg in the circle of the left hand-rest so they...
  3. Steve Freides

    Flexible Steel Blog - Splits, Part 1

    I have written the first of a planned series of Flexible Steel blogs on improving one's splits. The first one was just published- here's a direct link. Better Splits #1: Training Surface -S-
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