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starting strength

  1. Joe's Quest For Strength and Health

    I am getting back into strength training after 4 years away while I finished my college degree and didn’t find time for training. Relevant Demographics: 38 Year old Male. 5’5”, 178lbs Background: I did a few years of weight training while in High School. I was super skinny but got decently...
  2. Barbell Form check - deadlift and back squat

    Hey guys, I would like to ask you to check my form on deadlift and back squat. J just moved to low-bar squat. It's much more comfortable then high-bar in terms on hips movement and body position. As you see I struggle to get into position at both exercises. While getting everything prepered...
  3. Starting Strength

    Hi, I am Adam, greetings form Poland :) I am 23, 173 cm and 78 kg. I've been training regulary since 2010, when I took up kickboxing. Since then I haven't had any breaks from sport other than caused by health issues. In 2012/2013 I got interested myself into bodywheight training and started...
  4. Barbell Confused with frequency - SS vs. PTTP

    Hi Guys, It was stated in PTTP that high frequency is more important than high volume in strength training. Right now I am doing SS Linear Progression and I feel I am doing more progress than on PTTP cycles before. I don't understand why I progress faster doing on av. 1,5 sessions per week than...
  5. Abdul-Rasheed

    Barbell Starting Strength vs Practical Programming books

    What is the difference between Mark Rippetoe's books Starting Strength for Barbell Training and Practical Programming for Strength Training? I own the Starting Strength book, and I am contemplating if I should get the other one. Thanks.
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