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Hi I do not know anything about the nervous system except for that it responds to stress by creating change in the body and that there's a limit too how much and how often this can occur. I was wondering what the time frame is.
I just started a job as a trash collector and it was really hard at first physically but I've basically adapted and it has been a month. Because of the difficulty I stopped doing any strength training or cardio I only worked occasionally on mobility.
I would like to be able to train MMA 4 or 5 times a week, do a simple strength and conditioning program (S&S to start probably), and do my job so I'm wondering how I can work up to this. From what I've read and my experience with wrestling I know that starting with two days training is best , but I'm wondering if I could possibly start the MMA training with the addition of some strength training. The strength training is secondary because the only purpose it has is making me a stronger fighter which is less effective than training fighting skills but still very important.


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Read Pavel’s “The Quick and The Dead.” The programming he outlines will compliment your MMA training.


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Is there any method to tell when you’ve adapted enough to progress? Or is it just when it feels easy
The way I am gauging my progression is:
  • when I go too fast
    • I get a batch of extra soreness to experience
    • My grip becomes very questionable
  • and if I progress too slowly
    • the rest periods compress , once with the 16kg below test time
    • there is a sensation of boredom with the bell. Which sometimes inspires a set of snatches or presses.
"When it feels easy" is a near perfect measurement, I think.

And it happens to be the case for me that the 4 week progression internal has served me well.
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